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We Connect Music!

Digital watermarked music promotion for labels & artists.

  • No more illegal use of promo CD's - all mp3 files are watermarked!    
  • One digital presskit instead of sending out hundreds of promo CD's!
  • Easy and fast one-click downloads!
  • Benefit from our huge mediapool of registered journalists!
  • Constant upload of reviews to your account directory!
  • Follow your promo-campaign through download-statistics!
  • ...and many more features!


We make your new releases available to media partners through digital downloads.
All music files are protected with an individual watermark. The download file includes additional product information, cover artwork and press pictures. No more need for sending out hundreds of CD packages and finding your releases on illegal second-hand markets or download servers!


As a journalist, media representative, distributor, radio DJ, etc. You can get access to CM. In order to download the finest music for reviews, interviews, radio programs, etc. We supply you with high quality album downloads including high resolution covers & pictures & detailed product info.

You can also use this media for the creation of online games (click here for more info).